Why-trackbackTrackback: Simple Design To Get You Back On Track

TrackBack is a recovery and safety device for putting tracks back on tracked vehicles and can also be used as an emergency traction device.

An excavator operator working alone typically finds it difficult and dangerous to refit a lost track. This simple invention solves the problem and has many other uses.

Launched at Fieldays 2013 this ingenious product was an instant success. This multifunctional device for excavators and bulldozers is guaranteed to improve operator safety and reduce down time resulting in increased profitability.

This simple device is a necessity for any bulldozer or excavator operator. They attach onto each side of your track and link together holding tight providing your equipment with emergency traction and recovery from a lost track or lost traction. This essential safety device will greatly improve operator safety, traction and overall profit for your business.

Click for Trackback Powerpoint PresentationYour car isn’t safe without a spare tyre, the same goes for your bulldozers and excavators without TrackBack. This easy to use device can be stored in your toolbox ready for use ensuring the safety of your operators and is excellent as an emergency traction device.

  • Refitting tracks
  • Attaching chains
  • Track winch
  • Track joiner
  • Traction device
  • Post attachment device

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If you want more detailed information on TrackBack then please click on the link on the right to view a detailed PDF which the manufacturer has put together – it also gives fitting instructions too.

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