Fitting Instructions

TrackGrip is designed to improve stability, traction, and increase safety within the limitations of your machine. We urge caution and take no responsibility for any consequences arising from the fitted machine being operated outside of the manufacturer’s safety guidelines or specifications.



Lift track off ground with excavator boom
(Take care not to put feet under track)


Mark track at equal spacings (recommend
every 5th grouser -at least 3 shoes in contact
with the ground at all times)


Clean off grouser to bare metal/paint with
suitable implement


Loosen bolts on TrackGrip to allow it to fit
over grouser. Bolts to outside of machine


Tighten bolts firmly.
Check bolts after short- term use


Always re-check bolts before each shift.

Trackgrip is designed to improve stability + traction and increase safety within the manufacturers guidelines for your machine. We urge caution and accept no responsibility for any consequences due to misuse or operating the machine outside of the machine manufacturers guidelines or specifications.
It is the responsibility of the machine operator to decide what is a safe working angle.
Caution – Track grip may damage pavements /roads etc. if not protected.
Caution – Consult machine manufacturer before operating on steep slopes.